Hey, what a Bear!

This show is a non-verbal story told by shadow puppet images blended with music. Osi bear is a sleepy character, who shares his dreams with us.
He dreams with a Circus carriage arriving into town. Osi comes inside the tent and sees the whole circus performance and at the end the magician invites him to be part of the final act. The Circus surprises all the time the audience but specially with a human juggler performance. The resolution of the story comes when Osi is dreamming with the "Circus Bear" who has been looking around for him!

This colorful show inspires the audience's participation, imagination and creativity.

Shadow puppet workshop: Based on “What a Bear!” characters, students will be provided with an animal light cardboard paper silhouettes from the Circus. They can complete the puppet creation by decorating or coloring it and their journey ends when they tape a stick on it and the puppet can come alive.

If time allows and children are engaged they can use their puppets to re-create the Circus performance. We can divide students by groups: Each one will take turns so they can see at each other and be part of the whole performance experience.

As you see, this can be a wonderful and interactive opportunity for your students to meet the creative “world of puppetry”. They will have a taste of a professional puppet theater performance followed by their own experience of coloring, glueing, cutting, playing with an animal character, and working together towards a playful performance.

Target population: Family audience (any grade til 5th graders).
Duration: 25 - 40 minutes (puppetry). 20 - 30 min. (workshop).
Stage or room specifications: 7 feet tall by 8 feet width. The show requires some darkness, outlet and two small tables or stands for the overhead projectors.