Philosophy behind our Art Sensitivity Workshops

The artistic experience of Grasshopper also includes workshops where we capture the age-old tradition of playing with our surroundings, representing stories, dreams, legends, and historical events through Puppetry.

Color, the shape of the puppet as well as music, movement and dramatic expression are alll a part of the elements which connect in our workshops.
Being in a safe environment together we will explore and play, allowing puppetry to light our way of learning and joy!

Basing our work on games and movement in order to become familiar with ourselves, our surroundings and the people around us, together we will explore and discover different aspects of puppet theater and in so doing, discover different aspects of ourselves.
GRASSHOPPER has used this type of workshops to explore issues with groups of people, such as local environmental problems. We have also done semester long workshops to provide a safe and constructive space for children and teens in their after school hours.

All our workshops are based on core values such as respect for oneself, others an our earth. We work to motivate positive art experience and self attitudes, diversity, and peaceful conflict resolution. Our longer workshops allow time for leadership and coordinating opportunities as well. We have had experience with a wide range of age groups and feel comfortable with any. We also have the privilege of offering our workshops in English, Spanish or bilingually in both!!